Stake Responsible Gambling in India

The Stake Casino adheres to the rules of responsible gambling and tries to make the gameplay comfortable for each player from India. The main purpose of the policy is to prevent any potential harm that online games may cause to gamblers.

Gambling should be a way to have fun, not make money or enrich yourself. By following the rules of responsible gaming, you guarantee the safety of your finances and mental health.

Stake Casino adheres to the rules of responsible gambling

Safe Gaming Explained

Safe gambling implies healthy and moderate participation in casino games without negative influence on players or other people around them (family, friends, and so on).

Check how to make your game responsible:

By following these recommendations, you’ll be able to better control emotions and make informed decisions on bets.

Ways to Prevent Gambling Addiction

Every player of the Stake Casino India is protected from the negative consequences of gambling. The website is equipped with several useful features:

Understanding the Gambling and Betting Odds

The Stake website accepts bets on both casino games and sporting events. The win rates for both types of entertainment may differ significantly.

To assess your chances, identify potential risks, and make safer bets, you need to understand the odds both for Stake Casino and Stake Sportsbook.

Casino Advantage

In the field of gambling, there’s such a thing as House Edge or House Advantage. This is a mathematical advantage that the casino has over the players. It’s the percentage of the total amount of bets that the company collects.


The outcome of all casino games is based on chance and doesn’t depend on the player’s actions. It’s impossible to predict or control the results of upcoming gaming sessions.

Random Results

Games and the results of each round are completely independent. Slot machines have a built-in RNG mechanism that generates random numeric combinations. It guarantees the randomness of each outcome.

Chances of Winning

Odds help players understand their chances of winning in a particular game and make informed decisions about their bets. High coefficients usually seem more attractive to players, while low ones indicate a reduced probability of success. In fact, the result may be the opposite. There’s no guarantee that you will win or lose until you participate in the game.

How Does Stake Protect Players?

It’s not that difficult to follow the rules of responsible gambling, as the Stake Casino provides you with auxiliary tools to control gaming behavior, manage bankroll, and make reasonable bets.

Tools for Self-Control in the Profile

In your personal account, you can set limits on time, deposits, and losses. If desired, Indian players take a temporary break from games or block access to their profiles.

Budget Calculator

This calculator is a necessary mathematical tool to determine the part of the budget that you can spend on bets. To use it, you need to specify your total income and expenses, namely:

  • Wages after deductions;
  • Pension;
  • Privileges/bonuses;
  • Other income;
  • Rent/mortgage;
  • Utility bills;
  • Loans/credits;
  • Other expenses.

Based on this data, the casino site will calculate the available amount of money that you can use for placing bets. Try not to exceed it.

Financial Limits

Limits prevent you from going beyond the available budget. This reduces the risk of rapid bankruptcy, debts, and other unpleasant consequences. There are two types of limits in Stake Casino:

Loss limitPlayers set the maximum amount they can afford to lose per day, week, or month. If they win during this period, they can use the received money for future bets.Bets will be accepted until the gambler reaches the loss limit amount
Bet limitThe amount of bets you can place per day, week, or month. The profit generated during this time doesn’t increase the maximum limit

These limits aren’t permanent. If desired, you can reduce or increase the sum. In your personal account, you should delete the current limit and create a new one. The casino will process the request and you’ll have access to edit the new limit in 24 hours. Make sure that the updated restrictions are for your benefit, and not vice versa.

Self-Exclusion for Some Time

Previous tools aren’t that effective for you? Then the Stake Casino offers you to isolate yourself from the gambling website for 6 months, a year, 2 years, or 5 years. During this time, you won’t be able to log in to the personal account, make deposits, and place money bets.

A period of self-exclusion is a good chance to review your finances and develop a new money management strategy.

Gamban App

Download special Gamban software which will block any gambling resources on your device. If you plan to self-exclude for 3 months, 6 months, or a year, the subscription is free.

What Is Problematic Gaming Behavior?

If gambling in a casino is just a hobby or a way to entertain yourself, you don’t have an addiction. This becomes problematic when players make gambling the meaning of their lives and cannot spend a single day without placing bets. Such a pastime has a negative impact on different spheres of people’s life:

How to Detect Gambling Addiction?

Tracking the development of gaming addiction can be a difficult task since all Indian players are individual in their behavior. However, there are several obvious signs of gambling addiction:

Assistance Services

If the problem is serious and personal tools available in Stake Casino don’t work, ask for professional help. It’s not a shame to talk about your addiction. Moreover, this is the first step to beat it. Try to discuss it with someone you trust.

For those who feel uncomfortable talking about personal problems to family, friends, or life partners, there are anonymous assistance services:

Recommendations for Minors and Their Parents

The participation of underage users in playing casino games or betting on sporting events is strictly prohibited by the Stake rules. All visitors under the age of 18 are considered children, and adults ‒ parents or official guardians ‒ are responsible for them. The casino doesn’t even allow minors to register. However, if the child still manages to sign up, their exact age will be determined during the verification. That is, the player won’t receive any winnings.

To prevent a child’s interest in gambling or to stop it, parents should be more careful in their actions: