Betting on Kabaddi in Stake

Stake Kabaddi betting is one of the popular sports in India. Kabaddi is a contact team sport with ancient Indian roots. Two teams of seven players each battle it out on a rectangular court. One player, the raider, from the attacking team crosses into the opponent’s court. Their goal tag as many defenders as possible while continuously chanting “kabaddi, kabaddi.”

Kabaddi betting at Stake for India

How to bet on kabaddi in Stake?

Placing bets on Kabaddi events on the site is as simple as possible. To place your bet, proceed as follows:

How to bet on Kabaddi in Stake India

  • STEP 1

    If you don’t already have one, sign up for an account on Stake by providing the required personal and payment information.

  • STEP 2

    Ensure you have funds in your account. You can add money through the various payment options available on Stake.

  • STEP 3

    Once logged in, navigate to the sports betting category of the site. Look for ‘kabaddi’ among the sports offered.

  • STEP 4

    Select the kabaddi match you want to bet on.

  • STEP 5

    Check out the different types of bets available for the selected match.

  • STEP 6

    Once you decide on a bet, click on the odds corresponding to your prediction, adding it to your bet slip.

  • STEP 7

    Review your bet slip to ensure everything is correct, then confirm your bet.

  • STEP 8

    If your bet wins, the winnings will be credited to your account.

Kabaddi Betting via mobile App

Enjoy the convenience of betting directly from any desktop or mobile browser without the need for a dedicated app. Stake’s website is fully optimized for seamless display on mobile devices, ensuring that you can access a comprehensive selection of sports events and kabaddi betting markets just as easily as on a desktop. Additionally, all promotions and bonuses available on the desktop version are also accessible on mobile, providing a complete betting experience wherever you go.

Mobile App for betting - Stake India

Live kabaddi betting in Stake

For even more thrilling and diverse emotions, bettors can watch kabaddi events from around the world live and place bets on their predictions. When placing live bets, you will be entirely focused on the broadcast and the results of each player’s actions. This will make your predictions more accurate. The option to watch broadcasts on the site is provided free of charge. On the list of events, the most popular for betting placed:

  • Pro Kabaddi League;
  • Kabaddi World Cup;
  • Senior National Kabaddi Championship;
  • Super Kabaddi League, and others.

Live betting on Kabaddi - Stake India

Why should I bet on kabaddi through Stake?

 If you are a betting fan on kabaddi competitions, placing your bets on the Stake website is the best choice. There are several reasons for this:

  • Stake offers a wide selection of betting options and a decent catalog of Kabaddi events;
  • You can bet using real money as well as bonus funds;
  • Payments on the site can be made with cryptocurrencies and fiat money;
  • Placing bets on Kabaddi in India is entirely legal.

Why Stake India for kabaddi betting

Kabaddi betting strategies

Kabaddi, an ancient sport rooted in Indian culture, has seen a surge in global popularity, making it a prime focus for bettors. To increase your chances of winning by placing bets on Stake, you can use strategies such as these:

  • Understand betting options. Start with straightforward match-winner bets. Advance to more dynamic options such as live Kabaddi betting, which requires a firm grasp of the game’s rules and player dynamics;
  • In-depth research. Study teams, player forms, and head-to-head records. Keep up with the latest game trends and statistics to forecast outcomes more accurately;
  • Practice effective bankroll management. Set a budget and stick to it, avoiding the pitfalls of chasing losses;
  • Live Betting. Take advantage of real-time game developments to make informed bets. Bet on specific game events or long-term tournament outcomes for potentially higher returns;
  • Leverage technology and data. Advanced tools like predictive analytics and machine learning guide your betting decisions.

Betting strategies for beting via Stake India

Bonus offers for kabaddi Betting

At Stake, gamers have the opportunity to boost their betting funds by engaging in competitions with other players:

  • Daily rewards are distributed to the top 5000 players from a daily prize pool of 8,350,000 INR;
  • Additionally, Stake hosts a Weekly Raffle where participants can win a share of up to 6,260,000 INR each week;
  • Highest Odds – April – Sports Challenge. This promotion sets the highest possible odds on winnings in express bets;
  • Perfect 10 – Week 133 – Sports Challenge. Players must bet on a minimum of 10 matches to take advantage of this bonus

You can join Stake’s VIP program for even more benefits, including monthly and no deposit bonuses

Bonuses for Indian bettors at Stake


Has kabaddi been officially recognized as a sport?

Indeed, kabaddi is officially sanctioned by the International Kabaddi Federation (IKF) and is actively competed in by more than 40 countries worldwide.

Which kabaddi competitions draw the most fans?

Globally, the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) ranks as the most followed kabaddi league. On the international stage, the Kabaddi World Cup and the Asian Kabaddi Championship are also highly popular among gamers.

What events can I bet on the site?

The site allows you to bet on upcoming events and matches that can be followed online.