Stake Plinko Game

Stake Plinko is a game with the simplest mechanics and involving gameplay. You are not required to have particular skills or strong mathematical abilities to win it, as the outcome depends on a random number generator. Just click the button and wait until the result is defined. However, before gambling in the Stake casino and having a chance of winning real money online in India, you should register, activate the welcome offer, and replenish your balance.

Stake Plinko is a game with the simplest mechanics and the most exciting gameplay

Plinko game characteristics

The online Plinko game is played on a board arranged as a pyramid that offers numerous ways to reach the bottom. There is a ball that starts falling when you start a round. Moving through obstacles, it lands on a pocket in the bottom row that includes a particular multiplier. Thus, by landing in one of these pockets, a ball defines the value that your bet will increase. You cannot impact the trajectory or destination.

What you need to know before playing Plinko game at Stake casino

Minimum bet0,01 INR
Maximum bet500,000 INR
RTPUp to 99%
Mobile compatibilityYes
Demo modeYes

How to play Stake Plinko?

You can play Plinko on your personal computer or any mobile device. A user-friendly website and an easy-to-navigate mobile app are at your disposal. No matter your choice, you should create an account. In advance, read the terms and agree to meet legal and security requirements, like being at least 18 years old and providing your true personal data. Then, take these steps:

  1. Click the “Register” button in the header of the home page.
  2. Fill out the registration form, providing your email, user name, password, date of birth, etc., or click one of the listed social networks to sign up.
  3. Complete a login and make deposits, choosing any payments option in the cashier section.
  4. Click “Casino” in the top right corner of the Stake homepage.
  5. Find the Plinko icon under the on-page menu and launch the game.
  6. Read the rules, play the demo version, and switch to real-money mode to place a bet.

Step-by-step instructions on how to start playing Stake Plinko

Demo version of Stake Plinko

As with real-cash gambling, there are the same rules that you should follow to play a Plinko demo version in Stake casino. The only difference is that you will not spend your own or bonus money. There are in-game virtual funds, which do not increase or reduce your real cash balance.

When free fun mode is uploaded, you access the Plinko round with an interface and functionality entirely similar to the original. So, you can learn the basic rules and functional buttons to cope with the gameplay easily when you bet with real money.

For those who want to try to play without depositing funds, a Demo version of Stake Plinko has been created

Stake Plinko rules

On the in-game page of Plinko, you will view betting and playing areas. On the right side of the screen, there are controls of various types. You can gamble manually or switch on “Auto mode” to allow the computer to play according to a preset number of bets. We are going to take you through the rules. To get involved in the Plinko, you should know that:

  • Upon placing a bet and clicking the “Bid” button, a ball will slide down from the top of the board;
  • The Plinko ball selects an unpredictable route and lands in a random pocket at the bottom;
  • Every pocket at the bottom line of the board has a multiplier;
  • To involve higher multipliers, you should set a higher risk (low, medium, or high);
  • The difficulty is determined by the number of rows (from 8 to 16), which increases the odds and reduces the probability of hitting the high multiplier;
  • If a Plinko ball lands in the pocket with a multiplier that is below “1,” you will lose your money.

Basic rules of playing Plinko at Stake casino

A few tips for winning at Stake Plinko

When gambling on Plinko, you can increase your winning chances by following some recommended tips and strategies. One of the first things to know about winning is that you should always manage your bankroll properly. Also, it is recommended that you: 

  • Avoid becoming overly excited to chase your bets and exceed your budget;
  • Place small bets to play longer, and try to get the most out of the game;
  • Study the statistics, trying to find patterns in previous rounds, and use these insights;
  • Apply various strategies, like doubling your bet if a ball lands in a pocket with a losing coefficient. Repeat until you win.

Tips to make playing Stake Plinko easier

Advantages of the Stake Plinko game

With Plinko, you can play at higher odds, but you cannot make the ball land on the pocket with a winning multiplier. But various helpful features of this game of luck may apply and add benefits to the gameplay, which are as follows:

  • Uncluttered interface with a highlighted bet button;
  • Clearly arranged options, like risk level and rows;
  • Available rules of the game and bet history in the bottom menu;
  • Hotkeys to place, double down, halve, and reset a bet faster;
  • The provably fair algorithm used in the game.

Additionally, when you play Plinko in the Stake casino, you may count on numerous promotions and cashback that enhance your experience and increase your chances of winning.

The main advantages of playing Stake Plinko


Can players from India play Plinko from the mobile browser?

Yes, you can. You may play using the Stake mobile version that is launched automatically when you open the official website.

How can I switch to the “Auto” mode when I play Plinko?

You can do it in the Plinko betting area located on the left part of the in-game screen. You should just click the “Auto” button and set the conditions.

Can gamblers see their balance when playing Plinko?

Yes, they can. There is the “Wallet” field at the top of the page.

Is there a special Plinko promotional offer for Indian users at this online casino?

Stake casino from time to time provides gamblers with promotions that include Plinko as a qualifying game. Further, you can get cashback when playing this game. You should look at the Stake offers in the “Promotions” section.